Our Ingredients

See something that you don’t recognize in the list of ingredients? Here’s a primer…

Clarified Juice Concentrate
We work with a cooperative juice company that has a particular skill in making great clarified concentrates. How do they do this? First, to concentrate the juice, it’s slowly evaporated under low pressure. That allows the water to boil off without the sugars caramelizing. Then, it’s spun through a centrifuge to collect any bits of pulp and other solids left in the mix. Clarified juices are significantly more stable, and house-clarified juices have been used by bartenders extensively when working on kegged cocktail recipes.

Citric Acid
This is the acid found in all citrus fruit that makes it taste tangy. Your grandparents probably had it in their kitchen and called it “sour salt”, even though it has no salt in it.

Malic Acid
The word malic comes from malum, the Latin word for apple. It’s what makes candies like Sour Patch Kids so sour… but surprise, ours is completely natural!

Lactic Acid
Though lactic acid primarily comes from milk, it comes from so many other sources as well (like fermenting sugars). It’s also what makes traditional barrel aged sauerkraut and pickles taste so good! That process, called malolactic fermentation, converts the malic acid found in cabbages and cucumbers into lactic acid. Natural lactic acid, like the ones we use, are commonly used by brewers and have been used in soda shops for well over 150 years!

Natural Quinine Extract
Quinine is what makes tonic water taste like tonic water. Ours comes from natural cinchona bark which is then processed to extract only the quinine. Our quinine is designed to be easily incorporated into liquids like our tonic syrup.

Gomme aka Gum Arabic
That’s gotta be artificial, right? Wrong. Gum Arabic has been used for over a hundred years in cocktail construction. They take the sap of the acacia tree, filter it to remove any impurities, harden it and then break it up into a powder. In our mixtures, we use the gum arabic to add a little bit of a silky texture to our syrups and to make it easier to mix with soda water.